Care for your body, mind AND happiness!

With the summer coming up, health and sports gurus are persuading us to hire them to achieve the ultimate bikini body and they show us pictures of over-trained, ultra slim girls posing in the most sexy bikinis. But does that reflect reality? Is that what we would like to achieve?

Or is it our aim to feel happy, healthy, beautiful and secure at all times, even in our bikini? Proud of our body, that carries us through life and may even have carried new life. Don’t we just want to be able to smile at ourselves when looking in the mirror, satisfied with what we see and how we feel. Allowing ourselves to eat the things we love and to drink a glass of wine from time to time, without guilt. Enjoying life to the fullest.

Satisfaction and radiance is the way forward, don’t you agree? As well as having everlasting vital energy to do the things we are obligated to do, but moreover the things we like to do. Joie de vivre!

This is what I promote and can help you with as a yoga teacher and health coach. I deliver a personalised package of health, body and mind transforming training and coaching. I work with my clients based on what is important to them in life, their possibilities and wishes. In their own home or garden at an affordable rate!

Care for your body, mind and happiness! Call or email me and let’s get started: 0645897016 or

Love, Evelyne

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